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CityYield helps agents earn lucrative commissions by introducing their cold leads and inactive contacts to international investment properties. With no additional work, agents can begin capturing revenue from investors looking for international alternatives that deliver higher yields and more attractive price points. CityYield is a powerful way for agents to engage contacts by offering exciting new properties in top tier cities worldwide.

If you have an established database of contacts, becoming a CityYield agent will enable you to earn lucrative commissions without disrupting your existing business.

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Who Are CityYield?

CityYield have earned the reputation as the world’s foremost authority on cross-border property investing, facilitating international property sales by connecting local agents and world-class developers around the globe. The company has pioneered a simple process for selling international investment property that can be implemented by agents to capture a significant stream of new revenue from inactive contacts. CityYield Agents can begin generating commissions within weeks, with minimal effort required and no disruption to their existing business.

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